Diploma In Operation Theatre Technician: Stepping Stone To Enter Into The Paramedical World!

Diploma In Operation Theatre Technician: Stepping Stone To Enter Into The Paramedical World!

There are many students who are eager to undergo a course in the field of medicine. If so, they can consider diploma in operation theatre technician. This is a fabulous course meant for those eager to play an important role in saving the patient and also work along with the leading physicians and surgeons in the industry. But before joining this program, it will be wise on the part of the aspiring candidate to first undergo thorough research on the web and discuss with seniors and professionals. This way, it will become possible to get to know a lot about the program and make a proper and well educated decision to join one.

What does the program entail?

This course is for duration of two years. Students who have successfully completed their 10+2 can undergo this diploma course. This program trains the candidates to be prepared to work within the operation theatre setting as competent and highly reliable technologist. The candidate will have to work under the supervision and guidance of the senior technical persons and doctors to deliver top class patient care. They also will be required to use different types of diagnostic equipment like defibrillators, ventilators, C-arm, monitors, etc. Also, they are taught with patient assessment skills. The training imparted tends to focus upon the skills and knowledge of monitoring infection control regulations and procedures within the OT setting.

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Subjects covered

Following are the subjects which the candidates need to study throughout the program and qualify:

  • History of various types of Anaesthesia drugs required for anaesthesia and Anaesthesia Boyles Apparatus Gas
  • OT Room Department – Different Disciplines – General conduct of / Aseptic Technique
  • Position during Surgery – Equipment Disposable & Care – Sterilization Infection Control
  • Mechanical Intubation Ventilator
  • Safety Measures – Blood & Blood products & Fluid Administration – Inventory Stock safety measures – DDA procedures & Documentation

Course suitability

  • Candidates are to be updated about periodical innovations made in OT techniques.
  • They are to work hard and stand in the labs for hours together.
  • Students are provided with interpersonal and technical skills necessary to work with the guidance and supervision of surgical personnel, anaesthetists, and nurses.

How is the course beneficial?

  • The program offers the students to provide their patients complete care, both pre & post-operative within the OT setting. They also are taught to provide assistance to surgeons, nurses and the anaesthetists in performing different types of procedures as well as to disinfect and sterilize the IT room keeping in view the NABH protocols.
  • On the successful completion of the course, the students are able to pursue further degrees to enhance their job promotions and knowledge acquired in the domain.

Job types and Employment areas

The successfully qualified candidates are able to apply for different types of posts having this certification like:

  • Lecturer & teacher
  • OT technician
  • Associate consultant / consultant
  • Lab technician
  • OT Assistant
  • Anaesthetic Consultant

They can apply at the following places:

  • Pharma companies
  • Universities and colleges
  • Doctor’s clinics and offices
  • Private laboratory
  • Emergency centres
  • Government hospitals

This is indeed a lucrative field, where there are presently huge requirements for qualified candidates across the globe.