Developing a Personal Educational Philosophy

Developing a Personal Educational Philosophy

Integral to my personal educational philosophy is that every student is unique in his learning process. Each student has unique qualities adding to his individuality. Therefore, the acquisition of knowledge from one is a unique process and may vary by person.

Mission Statement

Establishing a personal mission statement is of high importance to the educator. My personal mission is to equip my students for life challenging each to excellence, academic growth, and preparation for the future.

Belief Statement

Education is imperative to support and sustain a diverse society. All students can and should learn including learning disabled children. Unique needs of each student must be met in order to serve the home, the school, and the community with support provided to each other. The learning environment must be healthy, safe and orderly. Using available resources and services are essential for effective instruction. As a teacher I am obligated to further my learning as well in this quest for applicable knowledge.

Mutual Trust

Mutual trust must be established with the student to help the student learn to the fullest potential. The instructor must take care in establishing this precedence to learning. Without this foundation learning will be impaired in the process of education.

Obtaining Excellence

The primary purpose of education is to help the student obtain excellence in academics, personally, and for society as a whole. Educational literacy is the foundation to all other skills. Each student must know that he has a purpose in this life and they can make a difference.

As each student is unique in his learning, so is each individual’s personal educational philosophy. Whether applied in the public educational sector or to the private home school, it is important to think about your mission, beliefs as well as the values of excellence to be applied.