Crack The JEE Main 2017 In Few Days With Expert Tips

Crack The JEE Main 2017 In Few Days With Expert Tips

Every year, after completing the 12th class, students start looking for a relevant option for further studies according to their talent and skills. There are a huge number of students who wish to study further in the engineering field and so, they start preparing for various entrance examinations for getting admission in good colleges for engineering. Some prepare for AIEEE, some prepare for JEE, and others prepare for the state wise entrance or specific university entrance examination. But what is the way of preparing for the examination so as to get the admission in reputed colleges for engineering? So, if you are preparing for the IIT JEE Main examination, then learning JEE Main Syllabus won’t only work out. Read expert tips here if you wish to crack the exam in few days.

Here are some of the expert tips to crack the JEE Main 2017 examination:

  • Analyze your weakness and strength:

It is a true fact that everyone has some weaknesses and strengths. To prepare well for the examination, it is essential to overcome weakness and to know strengths. For example, if you feel that you are weak in some specific subject, try to overcome by learning that subject. If you are expert in some particular subject, then practice well so as to gain more score in that specific subject. So, recognising strengths and weaknesses is a great strategy to crack an examination.

  • Craft a proper study plan:

Once you study and check the JEE Main Syllabus, it is essential to create a proper study plan and time table so that you could manage the time in a better way. Planning a proper study plan helps you to grasp everything easily and in a manageable way.

  • Get practical knowledge:

Although you might refer countless books for preparing for JEE Main 2017, but it is a true fact that studying from too many books lead to confusions only. So, try to get practical knowledge of the subjects so that you always remember the concept.

  • Examine the previous question paper carefully:

It is the best technique to prepare well for examination if you go through the mock tests or sample paper well in advance. Doing so helps you in getting an idea about the examination pattern, time limit, type of marking, and much more. Moreover, examining previous question papers is also beneficial as you get an idea of the type of questions asked in the examination.

  • Mapping examination strategy:

Never forget to map an examination strategy before sitting in the examination hall. Try to attempt the subject first that you are well-versed in. Always make sure to attempt your weakest subject in the end. Since in JEE examination, there is negative marking for wrong answers. So, carefully mark the answers and make sure to not mark the answers you are not sure about.

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