Convincing Reasons Why You Should Holiday in Phuket, Thailand

Convincing Reasons Why You Should Holiday in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of the most preferred and popular location for a vacation. People visit phuket with their family, friends and partners. It is the perfect destination for all types of fun filled activities. One of the best things about phuket is its size. It is only 50 km long and 20km wide. People like to spend their holidays in a small place, closer to nature and different than their usual routine.

If you want to book boutique hotels in Phuket, there are many options available. The selection of your place to stay depends upon your individual taste and point of interest for the vacation. For example some people like to stay near the beach, while others prefer to stay near the market place and many near the hub of the nightlife.

In this article we will discuss some of the locations for your stay according to your point of interest. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

  • Inner Patong –

Walking distance to Patong beach and Bangla Road

The bangla road is the heart of the nightlife in Patong. It is in the centre of the main shopping area, and is the nightlife hub. It also leads straight to the busiest beach in the island. If you plan to spend most of the time in this area, you will find many hotels in this area within walking distance. The easy access to your interest places will save your time and money for the commute.

  • Outer Patong –

Taxi ride to the Patong city centre

If you like to have luxurious surrounding for your holiday and would like to stay in a resort or villa, then you should consider looking for a place in outer Patong. The place is outside the small city centre area, and is less crowded and noisy. You can enjoy the luxurious living. The hotels and villas in this area are not close to the Patong’s nightlife, but it is just a short taxi ride away.

  • Karon and Kata –

Small townships (30 minutes drive from Patong)

Patong is the hub for tourism. It is very noise and busy all the time. Some people prefer more quiet and simple surroundings for their holiday time. People who are more interested in staying in a quiet and calm place, but want to visit Patong once in a while could consider staying in Karon and Kata. Both these places are sparsely populated. The area also has beaches, small shopping places, bars and restaurants.

  • Kamala –

Fair sized town (with Beach)

Driving twenty minutes northwards from Patong, you will find Kamala. On your way you will witness some of the nicest sceneries of the island and large beach resorts. Kamala is not completely developed, and has even less number of people residing in the area when compared to Kata and Karon. People who like to be close to the nature and do not like to be surrounded by people all the time, they should definitely choose to stay in kamala.

It is very important that you research for the place you want to stay in Phuket based on your likes and dislikes or preferences. This will save a lot o f time.