College Fun: The Secret Ingredients For A Frat Party Success

College Fun: The Secret Ingredients For A Frat Party Success

When we were kids, we only listened to those incredible stories told by our uncles or relatives about their college years. From their stories and our own experience, it is clear that being a member of a fraternity brings crazy parties and pranks. Every student should try and join one of those fraternities; and the best thing they offer is their frat parties. So, what makes a frat party a memorable one, which everybody will be talking about for months?

Sorority Sisters

Throwing a frat party without calling your fellow female colleagues would be a sin. Too many men at one place sooner or later turn the whole place into a barn. Yes, frat parties are meant to be wild and limitless, but girls prevent us from making it a brat party. So, spread the word around the campus and invite the girls from the target sororities. Also, make a group on Facebook and call them to join the group and follow your activities. Once you have formed a base of sorority sisters, it will be much easier to add this key ingredient to every party.

College Fun: The Secret Ingredients For A Frat Party Success

Party Jerseys

A frat party without your sports friends in their football jerseys would be a total miss. Everybody expects them and they are the trademark of frat parties. What is even better, you could play a little game and make jerseys a must-have part of the dress code for the girls coming to your frat party. In general, organizing a theme frat party from time to time is not a bad idea. For instance, a Christmas frat party could be a great option for this time of the year. Of course, a Halloween blacklight party goes without saying. Here are some other ideas for college theme parties.


No frat party should be organized without a full agenda of (im)proper drinking games. When you finish your freshman year, mere drinking becomes a bit boring, so playing drinking games is a great blend of hanging out and drinking. While having a good time, you might actually get to know some of the sorority sisters at the party. Students should try to use those drinking games as a way of both meeting their female colleagues and have fun. However, the organizers of the party have to make sure that there are enough drinks (as wine, liquor and beer specials) for men and women, claim the people who own and operate a chain of cheap bottle shops in Sydney, CBD. It will give such games and the whole party and extra boost.

College Fun: The Secret Ingredients For A Frat Party Success

Mind the Place

Fraternity parties are usually great events, but one thing can ruin them, especially if you have an equal number of male and female colleagues at the party – a messy toilet. Choosing the right place for your party is a very serious process. For instance, a house party is an option, but that reduces the number of people.  You should under no circumstances go for a place with one toilet and invite a load of people to the party. Your female colleagues will most probably just leave the party if they have to wait for too long to get to the toilet. You should never run out of the toilet paper and soap. Of course, if you are throwing a guys-only party, you should not bother too much about those things.

A great frat party must have girls, booze and games. Of course, make sure that you form a team to clean the mess the morning after the party or pay someone to do it. When that final errand has been sorted out, you can start preparing the next party.