Best Ways For Students To Purchase A Used Car

Best Ways For Students To Purchase A Used Car

Purchasing a used car can be a great way of obtaining a perfectly good vehicle for a fraction of a price compared to buying a new one, and if you happen to be a student, this price reduction can mean a lot to your budget. Mind you, you have to make sure you buy a good vehicle, in great mechanical and physical state, without any hidden issues whatsoever. In other cases, repairing the damage and making it perfectly functional could set you back almost as much as buying a new one would. To avoid potential traps and common mistakes related to second hand market, read the following pieces of advice.


Certified pre-owned cars were inspected, mended and certified by either the manufacturers themselves or some other authority. They come with a warranty and very often special payment offers. That practically means getting a used car at a new car terms. Yes, this also means a bigger price, however, with the increased security and better payment options compared to usual used car purchase, it is very often worthwhile.

Best Ways For Students To Purchase A Used Car


There are two types of auctions available, a government auction and a public one. Thou there are great deals to be found, keep your eyes, ears and noses open at all times. Since there are no test drives, you need to closely inspect all interior and exterior areas. If you see some serious damages or repairs or if something smells or sounds funny when you start a car, pass on it or think twice at least. For increased safety, check all VIN data available in order to research car’s origin and history of ownership and repairs.


There is almost not a thing in the world that has not been auctioned on eBay at least ones. Car offer is immense and you can find practically anything you need, regardless of age or price tag. The major downside is the inability to physically check the condition the car is, unless you happen to live nearby. Ask for additional photos and check seller’s feedback in detail. Also, make sure you check what kind of warranty is offered. There are different types of warranty available and they do make a difference.

Car Superstores

Used car superstores offer hundreds and even thousands of vehicles on daily basis. Their data is organized on several levels, type of vehicle, price, age, for example, which makes searching for various details faster and more convenient. This is especially appreciated by buyers who are looking for a specific kind of vehicle. Furthermore, several types of warranty are offered, a limited 30 day warranty being just one of them. Service plans and financing are offered as well, all promising good car sales.

Best Ways For Students To Purchase A Used Car

Classified Ads

Private sales through classified ads in the papers or online sites or good old sale signs in front of the houses are the most traditional way of purchasing a used car. This is the recommended way of purchase for those who wish to buy from original owners and meet face to face with them, inspecting the cars on site, taking them for a test drive and discussing terms of purchase directly with the sellers. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to take a mechanic with you and check everything about the car in greater detail.

Hopefully these suggestions will make searching for a good deal in used car market more convenient and faster. Naturally, check everything twice, regardless of what it says in the ad or listing.  That is the only way to end up being happy with your purchase.