Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom

Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom

Technology is taking over and as we progress in the 21st century the trend of technology being utilized in theclassroom is constantly on the rise. Tablets have replaced textbooks and so on. Social media has swept us off of our feet and have made learning accessible to each and every one. Thus, benefits of technology cannot be argued with.

It is without a doubt that technology, when practiced in classrooms, makes the learning both fun and engaging. With laptops and smartphones,the interest of students is greatly aroused. Boring or challenging subjects are no more boring or challenging as students are enjoying virtual lessons via video or through tablets, you savvy?

Technology Is Preparing Students For Future:

It is said that every 9 out of 10 students are of the opinion that technology is preparing them for the future i.e. digital age. To be familiar with technology is a 21st-century skill and it is essential for survival in this day and age. Jobs are more digitally inclined than they were in the past.

Education is no longer about memorizing facts and vocabulary rather it has evolved into a tool for solving real-world problems and coming up with practical solutions for those by working together on work related projects. In short, technology is equipping students to keep up with thedigital economy.

Increase In Retention Rates:

With the help of technology, students are better able to retain information that is being imparted to them. According to a survey, a total of 18 students of 2nd standard remembered the facts about an animal that was displayed in front of them via PowerPoint presentation.

After the presentation was over, the retention rate was revealed to be astounding and thus, it can be safely assumed that by integrating technology into classrooms, it will leave aprofound impact on student memory.

Technology Has Enabled Students To Learn At Their Own Pace:

Why is it being said that technology is helping students learn at their own pace? It is because there are adozen of apps that are developed to create an individualized learning experience for students. There are certain levels that student can choose from as not every student is of similar mental capacity to absorb information. Some take time while others latch on to concepts quickly.

Therefore such apps can tailor course contents according to one’s abilities and needs. For teachers, these apps are of great help as well. Teachers can have ample time to design lectures or lessons individually for each student, especially those who may be struggling with word problems or certain concepts.

Students Feel More Connected With The Technology:

Technology has animportant place in the lives of modern day students. They woke up to Facebook, Twitter, Artificial Intelligence, WhatsApp, Viber, Android and iPhones, Instagram and Snapchat filters. So, it is impossible to consider students and technology – either of the two in isolation today.

Thus, it was only matter of time before technology would find its way into the classroom and to an extent it has. Teachers, on the other hand, are being greatly benefitted from the technology and are now teaching six hours a day as opposed to the days of the “bygone era”.

Since technology is one thing which constantly changes and by every minute, so to speak, it does not mean that we are ruling out the traditional methods of classroom learning. By highlighting the benefits of technology we only intend that if were technology and traditional learning were to be fully leveraged in conjunction with each other, imagine the limitless possibilities in imparting education.

We would be redefining the ways education used to be delivered in classrooms.

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