Automobile Engineers: People Who Make The World Run

Automobile Engineers: People Who Make The World Run

The world is running on machines. From luxurious limousines and small cars to fighter planes and giant ships, every major activity is being carried out with the help of steel and iron hulks who literally breathe fire and spit smoke. Distances have been erased and time has been shortened, thanks to the metal beasts which prowl the streets and fly in the skies.

However, these large demons are also the product of human intellect. Of people who managed to harness the power of metal and turned the dead material into machines which can carry out any work with efficiency. They are the automobile engineers.

Automobile engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles such as cars and other land vehicles. Automobile engineers deal with several aspects of vehicle manufacturing, ranging from fuel economy and emission management, vehicle dynamics, safety, vehicle electronics, performance, durability, drivability and many other aspects.

A passion for automobiles combined with an aptitude in mathematics, mechanics and electronics is vital if one wants to become an automobile engineer. Students who want to pursue automobile engineering should have completed their higher secondary education with science, mathematics, physics and chemistry as their core subjects.

The Automobile industry has turned into one of the most competitive industries in the world. According to a report, India had already emerged as the 7th largest automobile producer on the global level in the year 2010, with 3.7 million vehicles being produced in that year, meaning an increase of 33.9%. These massive figures speak for themselves and explain what kind of a demand India will have for automobile engineers. New York Times has stated that India’s strong base and expertise in engineering has helped it in producing low-cost, fuel-efficient cars and companies like Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and Maruti Suzuki have successfully expanded their manufacturing facilities in the country. In short, the automobile industry has emerged as one of the most rapidly rising industries not only in India, but in the entire world.

Due to the increased competition and variations in design and strategies in the industry, now there are a number of jobs for automobile engineers. Automobile engineers can now work under the capacities of design production engineers, under-body engineers, driver instrumentation engineers, mechanical design engineers and quality engineers. Automobile engineers can also take up jobs in the defence services and can become researchers and scientists by doing their Mtech or PhD.

To pursue any career, it’s important that a student possesses both the passion for the stream and an intellect which matches the aptitude for the required subjects. The top engineering colleges in India witness a very strong competition every year as thousands of students apply for available seats. The top colleges also involve a considerably high amount in terms of fees and other expenses. However, there are many scholarships to study engineering which can lessen the financial burden of the students and can enable them to study what they want to study.