All About The Theory Test Required To Pass Before Attainment Of A Driving License

All About The Theory Test Required To Pass Before Attainment Of A Driving License

Yes, driving on the road fun and gives all the youngsters an adrenal rush when they drive their own motorbikes and cars for the very first time. However, on road driving comes with a responsibility. It is the responsibility towards your life, the people boarding your passenger seat and the other vehicles moving on the road.

The book theory test online UK followed by the practical test in which the authorities monitor your driving skills ensure that you have the maturity and capability to understand the road rules and drive safely. Theory test can be attempted after paying a certain fee and you must be prepared well before to clear the test to save your time and money.

The theory test for attaining diving license

Any person eligible to receive the licence must pass this test before they look forward for the practical. 12 important facts about this test are:

  1. It is an MCQ computer based test.
  2. It tests your knowledge of highway codes and conduct during hazardous situations.
  3. It has a current pass rate of 52%, is thus tough enough and requires thorough preparation.
  4. It evaluates your current knowledge on local traffic signs and road signals.
  5. It varies according to the selected vehicle of your choice.
  6. 50 MCQs are to be attempted for motorcycles and cars while or LGVs the limit increases to 100.
  7. It requires you to attain minimum 85% correct answers to clear the test.
  8. You are required to attempt your practical within 2 years after passing the theory; otherwise a reattempt in theory would be required.
  9. You must book for the test on the official website after selecting the vehicle type, test centre and the date.
  10. You need to pay the test fee which varies as per your selected vehicle.
  11. You must submit your ID, passport photographs and provisional driving license during the test booking.
  12. People with disabilities must inform the authorities about their physical status while booking.

Theory test exempts

The theory test is compulsory for anyone who needs a driving license except in the following situations:

  • If you need an upgraded licence
  • If you already have a valid driving licence of some other state, with regard to state rules though.

Preparation for the theory test

The recommended material to guide you for the test is available online and even in the local book stores. You must prepare yourself on the test layout, time management and difficulty level to easily get through the final exam. Prepare yourself on topics such as:

  • Hazard perception
  • Rules and regulations of the road
  • Street boards and signs and their meaning
  • Traffic rules and legal penalties on violation

Take time to read every question carefully and do not answer in a hustle. Some MCQs have multiple correct answers, so choose accordingly.

Always follow the standard protocol when you reach the test centre, get your documents verified, be confident and keep yourself updated on the street rules and legal trends. Pass the test and possess your driving licence to drive the car you always wanted to.