Advantages Of Teaching History With Simulation Games

Advantages Of Teaching History With Simulation Games

Simulation learning is a new concept of learning and it makes the subject interesting by the active participation of the teachers and the students than the conventional learning. Simulation games are the new way of learning in artificially created situations and the pupils are provided with the situations. This technique of teaching develops the problem-solving abilities in students. Simulation games facilitate the players to experience the circumstances and the realities. It simplifies the situations and inspires creative thoughts in the minds of the players. Civil War simulation depicts the enactment of those times and how they fought.

Advantages of Simulation games

1.Concepts are Simplified

Simulation games germinate simpler version of the difficult situation and it induce pleasure while playing the games. Mock challenges help the pupils to get engrossed in the subject and their dislike for the subject undergoes transformation to affirmative.

2.Surreal Experiences

Simulation games help to visualize surreal experiences. For history curriculum, they go back into the past centuries and watch the people, lifestyle, environment, and civilization of those times. Watching these episodes makes them accept that these things existed. It creates interest in the subject and the students want to dig more.

3.Develops Interest in the Subject

History classes held through simulation motivates the pupils to know more about the subject. Their interest in the subject is enhanced through these games and the boring subject appears interesting to them.

4.Curiosity Surges

Visual showroom of the subject upsurges their interest in the subject and their minds are flooded with curiosity and they satiate their minds by delving deep into the subject.

5.Costs Less and is Flexible in Approach

In middle and senior classes, the institutions have to arrange tours for visiting historical sites to know more about the civilization of the past and the dynasties that ruled the country. These simulation games take you virtually to those sites and unearth the past civilization and history. It cuts the extra expense and approach is flexible as you can watch within the institution premises.

6.Lacks Emotional Experience

Simulation games can create scenes of the history and pour action and adventure at maximum but they cannot bring out the emotional outburst that the people in the past experience. The struggles that our predecessors faced, how they fought the battle for continuous days and night, traveled far nonstop and other blues. Civil War simulation is devoid of emotional experiences. The scenes of war can be enacted but psychological stress cannot be induced.

7.Learning made Simpler by Interactive Learning

Simulation learning instigates the students to mine more of the subject and they find the subject simple by interactive learning compared to conventional method of teaching. The interactions make the students bold and inquisitive in their approach.


The Simulation technique has been applied to history to instill interests of the pupils in the subject and they become aware of the past and the predecessors. They can learn from the mistakes of the past to make their life worth and with fewer errors. The scholars are researchers are extensively doing research on simulation technique of teaching to come out with the best for the students.