A Guide to Choosing Student Accommodation in Southampton

A Guide to Choosing Student Accommodation in Southampton

What are the options?

  • Private renting

For many students, once the university halls of residence have been filled, the only choice of accommodation lays in private renting. Private student rented accommodation has a notoriously bad, and at times deserved, reputation.

Stories of poorly looked after properties, unhygienic conditions and sharp cynical practices; such as the withholding of deposits for some nefarious claim of damage to the property.

Furthermore some properties are frequently crammed with other students all sharing meagre, and oft inadequate, household facilities.

Well, of course, in truth, the vast majority of landlords and landladies have the decency to provide well maintained and appropriately priced accommodation; with no underhanded penny-pinching skulduggery.

Should you be looking for private renting then start searching early! Check out the property, speak with the property owner and try to establish testimonials or personal recommendations.

A Guide to Choosing Student Accommodation in Southampton

  • University Halls in Southampton

Now the good news, especially for students attending the university in the port city of Southampton. The university halls in this fair West Country pleasant land are plentiful, diverse, and all extremely well presented and maintained to a high standard.

There are an amazing number of residential options in Southampton; large halls, small halls, in locations close to the university and locations closer to the city centre.

All halls are security monitored 24 hours a day.

However, there are far too many to review here in detail, needless to say there’s a plethora of choice when it comes to in-hall facilities with rental costs to suit every pocket.

A good starting point is to visit the university’s website for a comprehensive tour of the halls available.

  • An overview of in-hall facilities

The amenities available are plentiful and varied; from self-catered to part-catered accommodations often with communal facilities; sports, cinema rooms and who knows, perhaps a bar!

Of course, one should not overlook the ‘more essential’ facilities; such as a laundry room, high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi, postal and collections services, shop etc. etc.

There’s a choice of room size with or without en suite options. Decide what you want, balanced against what you can afford.

  • Straight forward advice

The simple, most uncomplicated advice, should you be fortunate to gain a place at the Southampton University, is, ‘get your finger out!’ As soon as you’ve been allocated a place get online, browse the options, and apply to book your place in the hall of your choice.

What does the rental fee include? Establish exactly what you get for your money. No doubt the fee will cover essential maintenance and all service charges for heating, water, gas, electricity, refuse collection etc.

Furthermore, ensure that your personal belonging are covered by contents insurance, again this will probably be included in your rent.

In conclusion

Southampton is a beautiful city with a rainbow of public facilities from entertainment, shops to inland and coastal walks.

But let’s not forget, the university halls are themselves enclaves of tranquillity, activity and integration. What better environment in which to study?

The Southampton University halls are extremely popular; they provided a secure and convivial environment for all students; so, don’t dilly dally, visit the University of Southampton website by following this link, here you can view and apply for your hall of choice.