A Day In A Child’s Life: Take A Look At What Your Children Are Doing At School

A Day In A Child’s Life: Take A Look At What Your Children Are Doing At School

Modern life takes us along at a very fast pace, and often we don’t have the time to focus on everything, as we struggle to get through a heavy daily workload. If you are a parent, you may not have considered the full impact the immediate environment might have upon your children, especially toddlers. Some parents are mainly concerned with health and safety, and if the day care centre is clean and well run, they are happy. While health and safety are critical elements to any child care institution, there is so much more to consider when choosing this service. Let’s take a quick look into the average toddler’s daily routine in the right environment.

Social Development

This is perhaps the most important part of a young child’s development, and being exposed to other children of similar age, the child learns how to adapt his or her behaviour. During this time, it is important to have the right input from the adults who are in attendance, as this will promote suitable responses and behaviour. Qualified day care staff are the ideal role models, and young children naturally mimic the behaviour of their elders, and with trained people who are also encouraging development in all areas, the child will begin to establish sound values and development will be good across the board. If you are in Western Australia, and are looking at child care centres in Perth, you couldn’t make a better choice than www.littlepeoplesplace.com.au, the perfect environment for a growing child.

Sufficient Sleep

This is essential for any young child, and by regulating activities with rest periods, the right balance can be achieved. For toddlers, no activity should be longer than 20 minutes, and with a mixture of physical and mental stimulation, the child will not be overstretched. Rest and quiet times are also encouraged, especially if a child has a tendency to be hyperactive, and there are some peaceful activities that can be used to achieve a level of calmness within the child.

Motor Development

Small and large muscle groups need stimulation on a daily basis, so expect your child to be finger painting and working with clay, as these activities are ideal for small muscle development. Running and jumping are both on the menu, and music is often the ideal platform to achieve this. Threading beads and building with blocks are great short activities, as they help the child to establish close contact with objects.


Storytelling would be included in the daily routine, and this helps children to develop their imagination, essential during the very early years. Art is a great medium for artistic expression, even for very young children, and it should be encouraged. A visit to any reputable day care centre would reveal many art forms that the children practice, as even in their basic forms, they stimulate the child in the right way.

Choosing the right day care centre is essential if your child is to develop well during the pre-school years, and with the right guidance, he or she will have the building blocks to enable a successful life.