7 Gifts Grads Really Want

7 Gifts Grads Really Want

So, the time has come for a grad you know and love to step into the harsh world of adulthood. This is a significant time for them, and you may want to give them something that they will really use and enjoy. Finding a gift that your grad really want may be difficult, however, and that is why we will be discussing 7 gifts that will provide them with genuine value while they start with their new lives.

A Document Bag

A handsome document bag will always be valuable to a grad during their professional life. There is a wide variety to choose from, but it may be a good idea to stick to leather as you can be sure that it will last for many years. You should also make sure that you find a bag that suits your grad’s personality. Some document bags are fireproof to protect the contents in extreme cases. If your grad is a regular traveler, you can consider document bags that can be used as carry-on luggage.


There are thousands of books to choose from, and you may have to know the grad very well to be able to choose one that they will appreciate. Since the grad is starting a new chapter in their life, a book on personal development or household finance can help them make improvements in certain areas of their lives. There are many book blogs and online videos that you can check out for the best reviews. You may just find a book that changes their lives.

Streaming Stick

This may be a more informal gift, but it’s definitely one that will provide them with hours of on-demand entertainment. Amazon’s Firestick is probably one of the most popular ones that you can give to the grad. It will give a lot of options in terms of tv shows, movies, music, and more. It will also be the perfect addition to their new household. It’s easy to setup and the monthly subscription fee is much more affordable than cable.


As a gift, money may be a bit impersonal, but it can definitely help the grad to buy something that they really need. For all you know they may be in a spot of financial difficulty or want to enroll for an additional course or two before they start working. If you want to make this gift a bit more personal, you can give them an Amazon gift card that they can use to buy something they need. You can, of course, give them a gift card from another retailer, but Amazon will probably have everything that they may want.


This is a more personal gift for a family member or close friend. Choosing the right style of watch is easier when you know the grad’s personal style. A watch is an excellent accessory to place emphasis on a certain aspect of one’s personality, so this may well be something that you should keep in mind. Also, the grad’s intended line of work should also determine the style of watch. If functionality is what you are going for, an outdoor style, for example, will work better for a building contractor.


A comprehensive toolkit can be handy to use around the home while the graduate is building up his or her household. They may want to fix leaky pipes or replace door handles, which can be difficult without the necessary tools. This is a costlier gift, but it will definitely take them a step closer to independence and self-sufficiency. Despite the fact that this is a vital item in any household, the grad may put off buying for themselves, since they may have many other financial priorities.

Coffee Maker

Nobody needs coffee more than the grad that just started their new career. A high-quality coffee maker can be a lifesaver and something that the grad will be able to use for many years to come. If they are living alone, it may be better to get a machine that only makes one or two cups at a time. Capsule machines are especially handy since they make delicious coffee while saving valuable time. If the grad is a coffee nut, a machine that gives them more control may be better.