6 Skills Kids Should Learn from Building Forts

6 Skills Kids Should Learn from Building Forts

Most people have fond childhood memories of building forts where they could play, hide, and giggle together. It is difficult to decide whether it was more fun to build the fort or spend time in it. Besides having a good time, there are six skills kids should learn from building forts.

Teamwork Matters

Building a fort is usually a group activity, It takes teamwork to put up the walls and build a fort that stands up to playtime. During this process, kids are learning how to work together to create something they feel proud of. This is an important skill that will help them at school and in their future careers.

Basics About Sizes and Shapes

Younger children are still grasping the concept of sizes and shapes. When they build a fort, it is a golden opportunity to figure out which pieces fit together and why. They will need to determine the sizes of pieces that will help complete their project.

Following Instructions

Fort building kits such as Fort Magic are an excellent substitute for the haphazard chairs and sheets of yesteryear. When kids use these fort building kits, they also learn how to follow instructions. Whether they decide to build a castle or a playhouse, kids will have to figure out how to properly put everything together.

Learning About Architecture

Encourage your children to design their own unique forts. This gives them an opportunity to exercise their imaginations and learn more about architecture. Forts can be built in all types of shapes and sizes. Help the kids create a blueprint that outlines what the fort should look like. As children learn how to bring their visions to reality, they are also discovering the basic concepts of architecture.

Simple Business Lessons

Building a fort can also become the beginnings of a budding business. For example, a fort can be used as a lemonade stand. For generations, kids have been learning about business operations by having their own lemonade stands. They will find out about creating and marketing a product, what prices to charge, how to collect money and more. These lessons will serve them well in the years to come.

Expressing Creativity

When kids build a fort, they can learn more about being artistic and creative. Turn the fort into an art gallery. Encourage them to create paintings and drawings to hang on the walls. Let them use old sheets and decorate them with designs, hand prints, and whatever they can imagine. Kids – and parents – will be amazed at what their imaginations can come up with.

The next time your kids want to build a fort, help them incorporate these important lessons into the process. Your kids will be having fun and learning without even realizing it!