6 Autism Apps for Kids to Help Kids across the Spectrum

6 Autism Apps for Kids to Help Kids across the Spectrum

Technology has changed the way people view the world and the same can be said about autism. It has transformed the way parents, educators and therapists aid children with special needs. Autism apps are seen as a complementary tool to treatments and therapies for kids on the autism spectrum.

They work particularly due to the fact that they address a wide range of issues such as difficulty in speech or communication, social or emotional interactions, learning skills and more.

Here are 6 must-have apps that help with autism:

  1. Zoolingo

Zoolingo is one of the best educational apps for children. With 1000+ educational games which are not only fun but also educational, the app comes in 16 languages which both kindergarteners and preschoolers can benefit from.

  1. Pictello

Across the autism spectrum, communication varies. Some children with autism are able to voice their ideas in words, while some may not be. Pictello allows children with autism to tell their own story regardless of their verbal ability.

  1. Dreampad

It sometimes might be a challenge to put an autistic child to sleep. Dreampad solves this by using a special pillow to play relaxing music along with vibrations, calming the most hypersensitive child of them all!

  1. Endless Reader

It is every parent’s dream to see their child read. Endless Reader combines audio and visual learning, pairing animation with words so that children start to understand the fundamental building blocks of reading.

  1. AutisMate

Autistic children need a safe space to practice so that they can deal with everyday chores and situations. AutisMate is an autism app that provides children with common scenarios that they will encounter in real life, but in a technical controlled setting to get them used to new routines.

  1. Super Why!

This app allows your child to go on a hunt to identify letters with Alpha Pig, practice rhyming words with Wonder Red, trace letters with Princess Presto and help Super Why select words to finish a story! The app offers fill in the blank games within each story thereby improving reading comprehension because of the familiar stories and characters. The app works to develop a number of skills- right from handwriting, language, reading, vocabulary, to imagination.

The aforementioned apps target different areas of development in an autistic child which collectively contributes towards the betterment of the child. Autism can be an overwhelming diagnosis, but with the advanced research that has gone into the disease, alongside tools such as autism apps, parents have the benefit of sustaining a productive future with their child.