5 Spring Outdoor Activities And More

5 Spring Outdoor Activities And More

Spring is an excellent opportunity to explore nature with your little one. With everything from outdoor activities to educational worksheets, we hope you will find something that inspires you!

With a spring around the corner, let us start planning some awesome outdoor activities to get those little ones up and moving. We also have some great indoor spring-themed activities, so even on those rainy days, when splashing in the mud may not be your cup of tea, these activities are sure to keep the fun alive!

 Nature Scavenger Hunt:

This activity, any kindergartener will love! Take a trip to your backyard and find the many things to signify that spring has finally sprung! Pick flowers, green leaves, sticks, etc. You can also make a nature bracelet during this activity by simply using a piece of duct tape, sticky side up, on your child’s wrist. This will allow them to hold their findings on the tape to create a one of a kind bracelet.

Go for a Bike Ride:

Nothing says spring like getting out those dusty bicycles and taking a stroll down the street or around the park. You and your little one are sure to catch some much-needed fresh air to renew the soul!

Plant a Garden:

If space allows, planting a garden is an excellent opportunity to explore the soil! This is also a fun time to teach your little one about seeds, how they grow to produce beautiful flowers or vegetables. If space is an issue outside, raised beds are perfect solutions! So many wonderful plants that grows indoor by a window. Plant one!

Chalk it up:

Sidewalk chalk makes for a very fun and often times educational outdoor activity. Draw hopscotch pattern and choose a rock to play an all-time favorite game or simply doodling could offer some creative time.

Hungry Birds:

Making a simple birdfeeder for the birds is an excellent activity to welcome spring! With a pinecone, bag of seeds and some peanut butter you and your kindergartener can create a delicious treat that birds would enjoy. Spread the peanut butter onto all side of the pinecone and then sprinkle the birdseeds onto the pinecone. The peanut butter will be sticky enough to keep the birdseeds in place and will also be natural enough and not harm the birds. You can tie a string along the top and hang these in the trees around your yard or even in the park! Check more spring activities and craft.

With spring, comes rain and with kindergarten comes learning. What a perfect day to begin teaching your little one.Print out some worksheets to get your kid excited about spring holidays and master fundamental skills such as number and letter recognition, patterning, logic, cognitive skills, writing, sight words, A to Z spring vocabulary cards and more!

Looking to have a lot of springtime fun with your family? Print this “Springtime Family Fun Checklist” and have a great time all together.

  1. Have a family picnic at the park
  2. Take a hike after the picnic
  3. Visit farm to see the animals
  4. Go horseback riding at the farm
  5. Jump in the biggest puddle
  6. Take a walk around a small pond
  7. Feed the ducks in the pond
  8. Draw a picture of your family members with chalk
  9. Sit at the window and listen the rain
  10. Spot a rainbow after the rain (take a picture!)
  11. Feed birds
  12. Listen birds signing
  13. Fly a kit
  14. Walk the dog
  15. Have a lot of fun!

No matter the weather, we wish you discovered great projects for your kids indoors, outdoors or both.