5 Reasons Canada Is Becoming A Popular Destination For Foreign Students

5 Reasons Canada Is Becoming A Popular Destination For Foreign Students

Nestled in the northern part of North America lies Canada. Home to the Rocky Mountains and tundra forest, this country is become an extremely popular destination for international students. In fact, it is one of the top five choices for places to study and work for foreign students. There has been a surge in applications in the last few years. But, why?

Well, here are the main reasons why study in Canada is becoming a prevailing option for students wishing to study abroad:

A Favorable Chance of Becoming a Permanent Resident After Completing Education

Many international students want to work in the host country after completing their education there. After students graduate from a Canadian university and gain some work experience, they can apply for a permanent resident status and eventually become Canadian citizens. Moreover, the country has always opened its doors to immigrants.

In fact, with USA student visa requirements become stricter and obtaining green cards becoming increasingly difficult, Canada is emerging as a top choice for study and work.

Lower Tuition Fees

Besides the option of becoming a resident of the host country, international students also look at the cost of tuition in other countries before zeroing in on their choice. Not only do Canadian colleges offer scholarships and financial aid to international students, but the tuition fees are much lower than in other countries such as USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Canadian universities provide the same facilities, student support services and research labs as other countries at a lower cost.

Internationally Recognized Educational Institutions

Another compelling reason why USA’s neighbor is a sought-after destination for foreign students is the fact that degrees from Canadian educational institutions are recognized all over the world. This country not only offers an assortment of varying courses – in both technical, artistic and professional fields – but obtaining a degree here increases the chance of a student’s employment in other countries.

High Quality and Low Cost Health Care

One reason why many immigrants flock to Canada is the low cost of high quality health care. Many hospitals in this country are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and filled with highly qualified nurses and doctors. Additionally, it is a safe city with a relatively low crime rate and sporadic incidences of violence and terrorism. It is also lush with ample flora and fauna.


Canada is perhaps one of the most diverse English-speaking countries in the world. It welcomes students from all walks of life. All kinds of religions, ethnicities, cast and creed are accepted in this great nation.

All the aforementioned reasons make Canada a highly popular choice for international students seeking to broaden their perspective, improve their existing skill sets and become well-rounded individuals. Talk to foreign education consultants if you are seriously considering Canada as your destination of choice for pursuing higher education.