5 Myths About Essay Services

5 Myths About Essay Services

With the explosion in the number of online essay writing services it’s no surprise that they are the subject of much debate and discussion – among students, teachers and education establishments. Of course, such discussion gives rise to assumptions and myths. It’s important to know that every student will have an individual experience of using a writing service should they choose to go that route of getting their work done and even the experience of two students using the same service may be completely different. This makes it impossible to be “vanilla” about essay writing services but we can dispel the five most common myths.

  1. I will only receive generic work without personalisation to my needs

Not true. All essay services – good and bad – provide space in their order process for the student to provide instructions, specifications and guidance notes. The better services also allow you to upload any relevant data you may have already collected or information provided by the person setting the assignment. This allows the writer to deliver work to your personal needs.

  1. The work I receive will not be original

This is a difficult myth to dispel completely because not every writing service is genuine. There are websites that simply recycle old content, copy content or employ writers who deliver poor quality work. However, if you do your research you will find decent, reputable sites that do not plagiarise, and promise to, and deliver, original work. Review sites like top10writers.com are invaluable to any student looking for a writing service because they do the hard work of checking sites out, thoroughly.

  1. If I pay top prices, I’ll get top quality

This is untrue. You cannot assume that “you get what you pay for” when buying assignments online. There are sites that charge high prices that give rise to expectations of high quality work, but they fail to deliver even to a decent standard. Then, there are sites offering affordable prices who produce work of a high standard. There’s no magic formula in choosing a site you can afford and receive quality you expect. As well as reading review sites, read what the site itself says about their writers – are they educated to Master’s Degree level, are they professional, are they native English writers?

5 Myths About Essay Services

  1. My personal information is not secure

Again, this is untrue – as long as you are using a reputable site. A good writing service cares not only about the work it delivers but also about the security and confidentiality of their customers. Good sites will use encrypted payment systems, protect your personal data and also not sell your information to marketing companies and other third parties.

  1. It is a very impersonal process and after placing my order there is no further interaction

Another untruth, providing you choose the right service. A good provider encourages continual interaction between the customer and the writer. The best services offer various contact platforms and the very best allow direct communication between customer and writer.

You will note how the myths are dispelled by using examples of “good sites”. Simply, the myths grow out of the fact that, like with any other service or business, there are good providers and poor providers. These myths are true for the poor providers, but not for those who offer a good, valuable service.