5 Medical Achievements That Changed Our World

5 Medical Achievements That Changed Our World

Progress leaves no stone unturned in its path and here, medicine was no exception. Ailments and injuries that had fatal outcome in the past are now nothing more than a minor nuisance, all of that because of the ingenuity of people in the medical science. With this in mind, here is a short list consisting of 5 medical achievements that forever changed our world and made it a better place.

  1. Vaccines

One of the things that really changed the face of the world as we know it was the invention of vaccine. The brilliant premise that some of the most dangerous illnesses should be treated preventively, years before they occur is something truly incredible. By boosting the immune system usually of young children, vaccines have significantly lowered the mortality amongst them. However, this medical advancement was often in the focus of various controversy mostly because of false accusations and urban legends that they somehow cause autism. Even though was proved to be inaccurate many times over, some doubts still remain.

  1. Stem Cell Research

Even though, it is still in a (more or less) prototype stage, stem cell research so far shows a lot of promise. The basic idea behind this is that stem cells could (through mitosis) assume both form and function of any cell in our body and in this way repair the damaged tissues. The possibilities of this are great indeed and all that is left for us now is to wait and see what comes next.

  1. Injury Recovery

Just over a century ago, an injury as simple as a broken leg would leave you either scared or incapacitated for life. At the very least you would be left with a mild limp. Today however, the things have taken turn for the better. Not only has our knowledge of human anatomy improved our surgical capabilities, but there have also been some large advancements in the field of physiotherapy as well. These days, with most mild injuries, the recovery rate is almost 100% and you can even get your own recovery medical supplies from a Melbourne retailer and continue with adequate exercises in your own home.

  1. Antibiotics

In the past, a single bad cut or open wound was enough to create a serious infection which had a potential to go seriously bad. Even things we today consider not to be dangerous like common colds and flu were a serious matter in the past. Antibiotics enabled us to feel safer in our natural environment knowing that there are a lot less serious hazards for our health out there. Although nobody knows (or could even approximately estimate) the exact number of lives saved by antibiotics , it most certainly more than earns its spot among 5 greatest medical achievements of all time.

  1. Modern Prosthesis

A loss of a limb is a serious blow not only to one’s physical appearance but also to his or hers lifestyle quality. The effects of these injuries therefore, caused a psychological as well as physical blow to the person in question. Luckily, modern prosthesis are well on their way to solve this problem once and for all. With the advancement in the robotics industry as well as with increase in interest for 3d printing that medical science shows, who knows what tomorrow will bring. Even the best prosthesis will never be as good as an actual limb, but them being nearly as good is more than satisfactory result.

As everyone can see, we are truly living in an exciting world, and the times are constantly changing. However, one thing remains universal and factual, modern medicine is advancing in leaps and this is definitely a good thing. Finally things are getting turn for the better.