5 Amazing Facts About Human Psychology

5 Amazing Facts About Human Psychology

To explore a few interesting psychological characteristics of a human, Ukessaynow.com decided to analyze the most interesting facts about human psychology and highlight amazing scientific results in this field. If you liked the article, and you want to order essay at Ukessaynow.com click on the link and go ahead.

What is the deja vu phenomenon, how willpower affects our success – we will try to answer these and other questions in this article. The information is based on the latest research results. Knowing more about ourselves, we can more consciously approach every situation that arises in our life. Let’s believe in ourselves, after all, strong will, according to experts, is a guarantee of success in life!

Curcuma helps in the fight against fear

This spice, which has been used for centuries, which gives dishes a unique color, was examined by the psychologists from The City University of New York. It turns out that curcumin can influence the treatment of mental disorders and eliminate the consequences of a negative experience.

Researchers claim that curcuma can be a useful drug for treating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of an anxiety disorder caused by the experience of very dramatic events and usually appears after a psychological trauma. Interestingly, curcumin is designed to suppress only the bad memories in certain parts of the brain, leaving the other parts of the brain unchanged. Curcuma is also being investigated as an agent for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia.

Depression test

Researchers at Northwestern University say that you can easily diagnose depression. They have created a test that involves determining the levels of 9 RNA markers in a blood sample, which differ significantly from normal ones among the people suffering from depression. According to the researchers, the new tests will not only allow to quickly and easily identify the disease but also point to the most effective methods of treatment. Some people can be helped by a constant visit and conversation with a psychologist, while the people who are prone to depression relapse need to seek help. Thanks to the analysis of blood, you can determine the nature of the disease.

We consider ourselves experts in everything.

In psychology, you can find the phenomenon known as the Dunning-Kruger, described by sociologists. The essence of the effect is that the less a person knows about a particular area of knowledge, the more he or she overestimates his skills associated with this field and makes statements without a scientific basis. On the other hand, people who are true experts in various fields tend to underestimate their level of competence. What is most interesting, this effect is explained in a very simple way.

People who are experts in their field know what they don’t know, they know that science is constantly moving forward, and it is necessary to constantly improve their knowledge and skills. In addition, a specialist who performs his tasks can find them very easy and think that everyone else can do them, which reduces his self-esteem. However, a layman doesn’t realize the level of his ignorance. We can say that such people don’t know about their ignorance. As it turns out, the more we do not know, the more we speak out on this topic.

Strong will guarantees success in your life

It turns out that not only happiness, beauty, intellect, and money help to achieve goals in life. Psychological experiments show that self-control is a very important element of our life and largely determines the success of our intentions. Training strong will can be compared to training muscles, which are becoming more and more capable of withstanding increasing weights. As psychologists say, it is worth starting to train the willpower with simple actions. Such self-control will allow making future decisions more effectively.

A few more interesting psychology facts:

  • Purple or lavender color has a soothing effect. It is especially good to use in the bedroom.
  • Chewing gum activates memory, so you can earn high scores in tests while chewing it.
  • An average of 66 days is required to form a new habit.
  • It is estimated that a person thinks 70 000 thoughts on average every day.

What is the deja vu phenomenon?

Often being in a certain situation or in a certain place, we get the impression that this has already happened to us, the same event occurred in an indefinite past. This feeling is so strong that it has its own name – deja vu. So, is this really a phenomenon or is it just a figment of our imagination? The phenomenon of deja vu is the subject of research by many scientists. This is a rather complex topic to explain and describe because deja vu appears unexpectedly, it is difficult to plan a sense of a repetitive situation, and it is a result of very subjective impressions and experiences.

From the point of view of neuroscience, the process that causes the deja vu phenomenon is the functioning of neurons, or rather, the transmission of information. Some researchers argue that this phenomenon is caused by a different rate of information transfer through the eyeballs to the brain. Namely, one eyeball can transmit the message faster than the second eyeball. As a result, the brain will receive the same information from the other eye at a later time.

However, this theory is not supported by other studies, because, as it turns out, blind people can also feel this phenomenon. Dejavu can also be associated with some errors that occur in the brain due to the lack of neurotransmitters, which transmit perceived impressions in the cerebral cortex. Therefore, a small delay in the information transfer can create the impression that we have already experienced a similar situation.