5 Advantages Of Using Python For Data Science

5 Advantages Of Using Python For Data Science

Python has been famous among data scientist for a while now. Although it is not built specifically for data science, Python has been readily accepted and greatly implemented by data scientists. There are certain obvious reasons behind Python’s rise as one of the most famous programming languages. These should also help you understand why you should go for a Python data science course.

1. It is as simple as it gets

The best part about learning Python is that you can be completely new to programming and yet grasp the basic pretty fast. It is a language that was designed with two things in mind – simplicity and readability. These features are truly unique when they apply to an object oriented language with tremendous potential for problem solving. So if you are a beginner, a Python data science course can be your stepping stone. If you are an experienced professional, it is going to add some serious depth to your resume.

2. Fast and attractive

Apart from being simple Python code is leaner and better looking. It takes one third the volume of Java code and one fifth the volume of C++ code to perform the same task. The use of common expressions instead of variable declarations and empty space in place of ugly brackets make Python code look better; it cuts down the tediousness involved in learning a programming language. The use of Python saves a lot of time and is less taxing to the brain of a data scientist. Once you get the basics of Python well inside your mind learning languages like PHP or Ruby become easier.

3. Data format shouldn’t worry you

Python works with all different data formats. It is possible to directly import SQL tables in your code. You can work with Comma Separated Value documents as well as web sourced JSON. Python request library makes it really easy to import data from various websites and build data sets.

The data analysis library for Python called Pandas holds large amount of data without lagging. It makes the process of filtering, sorting and displaying data really quick.

4. It is growing in demand

While the demand for IT professionals has seen a decline in the last few years the demand for Python programmers has steadily risen. Since Python has proved to be a great language for designing machine learning algorithms and data analytics programs, data centric companies dig Python skills. If you have a strong hold on Python you can clearly ride the present market. Companies like Google, Yahoo!, Disney, IBM, use Python. Go for it; build your foundation with an excellent Python data science course and construct a career upon it.

5. Last but not the least:  A vibrant community of vibrant programmers that has all the solutions

You will have a helping hand whenever you are stuck. The Python community has grown so big with members very active and passionate there is ample amount of material flowing through the web to break the deadlocks. Once you get hold of the language, which with proper training should not be difficult, you need not worry about your growth.