4+1 Lesson On Branding For Students Of Marketing

4+1 Lesson On Branding For Students Of Marketing

Every company no matter how small or big it is, needs to spread word about itself. Simply put, you get heard of, you broaden the list of potential customers. It is really simple as that. However, the road to getting the right product is not so straightforward. Many people tend to lose their focus, and instead of quality and effective product that will promote them, they end up with semi-finished one, which doesn’t work out. To avoid such thing, follow these rules.

Who am I?

The very first question is, what is your field of work? Your promo product must go along your niche. For example, if you are selling office material, of course you won’t print your logo on a sledgehammer. You might, to make a joke, about how “hammered” you are after a full day in the office, but you will make that hammer small, so people will get the joke. In all, first rule is:

“Bear in mind what does your company do”

4+1 Lesson On Branding For Students Of Marketing

Where am I going?

Ask yourself, are you aiming for the stars, or you are just trying to lift up a bit your sale percentage? Although this matter seems trivial, it won’t be once I tell you that it is the matter of budget. If you wish just to get people talk a bit about you, like:”Hey, I’ve got this promo pen, isn’t it nice?”, you will invest smaller amount of money. But, if you are going all in, and taking risk, then you will need to splash some cash, but the result will be different. “Look at this marvelous pen I just got! Fully made of aluminum, with the name of company engraved!”. See the difference? The second rule is:

“You must always pay on the road to success.”

4+1 Lesson On Branding For Students Of Marketing

Who am I talking to?

Third thing is, what is the group your promo product will address to? If you are uncertain, perhaps hiring an expert on this one would be better solution. Those experts can provide crucial information about which item is most used among certain group of people. You can get the picture, every lawyer will greatly appreciate a fine planner, and every fitness instructor will be glad to receive one of those personalised drink bottles, for they are using it daily. So, the third rule is: “Know your audience.” (Or you will end up alone in the room talking to yourself)

What Quality should I choose?

In general, higher quality of branded products is reserved for loyal customers and business partners. And don’t be scanty, if someone is shopping in your store for five years, and it may be the cheapest product, show that customer respect by giving him one of those branded products from the top shelf. And again, don’t buy something just because it is cheap. Sometimes small quantity of top notch quality products can make bigger impact than the whole sea of leaflets. Fourth rule is: “Bigger is not always better.”

4+1 Lesson On Branding For Students Of Marketing


The length of your campaign depends only on you and your finance. Long-term promoting tends to be tiresome, so remember to change tactics from time to time. Good rule of the thumb is not to become “That guy who goes around and showers people with his advertising material”, but “The company which organizes giveaways for the most important for them.” But if you must to keep your campaign longer, always, always change something, so you will stay on track. +1 rule would be then:

“Don’t exaggerate.”

Following these rules may seem awfully hard, but in fact, it isn’t. Once you get used to it, you will see the difference.