4 Ways Military Service Can Stall Higher Education and How to Overcome That

4 Ways Military Service Can Stall Higher Education and How to Overcome That

If you’re in the military, you may be deployed or moving around helping to protect our nation. If getting a higher education has always been on your mind, you may be wondering how to proceed and overcome the busy lifestyle to go back to school and obtain your degree.

Overcoming Going Back to School

Whether it’s your age, anti-military sentiment, disability, or impatience you have the ability to go back to school. Millions of people of all ages go back to school each year and feel they don’t have the patience to attend school. If this is the case, going back to school online can help reduce the exposure to other students who may be liberal or against the war or military. Further, taking only one class at a time can help you maintain the course load instead of multiple classes. This way, you can concentrate on one class and not be overwhelmed.


Deployment can result in many military personnel being deterred from going back to school. Being away overseas can be stressful enough and adding school into the mix can be more stressful. If you’re deployed and would like to start earning your degree attending an online school such as the University of Maryland Global Campus can help you work towards your goal. Attending school online can help you study anywhere in the world and on your time. So, if you have an extra hour or so each day, this is the perfect time to save some money, use your military GI Bill to get back to school and earn that degree.

Nervous to Return to School

Nervousness going back to school is common regardless of what age you are. At the University of Maryland Global Campus, there are several programs available specifically for military personnel. With over 90 degrees you have the choice to return for what you want to study. There is the ability to speak with an academic counselor who will help guide you through the application process and put your mind at ease to continue the process. The financial aid department will help you access your GI Bill to use towards tuition to reduce the overall cost. If you suffer from a disability, the university can help set you up with a help center or tutor to get you the help you need.


An online university for the military can help you achieve your degree by allowing you to go at your own pace no matter what part of the world you are located in. Whether you’re deployed, overseas, in the United States, take one class at a time until you get the hang of going back to school. As you become used to your new routine, you can increase classes as you deem fit to help advance towards your degree.

If your looking to go back to school but have some hesitation about it and continue to stall, speaking with an admission counselor can give you the answers you need to proceed with your educational journey.