4 Great Contributions Towards The Historical Literary Society

4 Great Contributions Towards The Historical Literary Society

The beauty of historical books lies in its grandeur and elegance of the way it has been represented and reflected upon. It is not just about hard facts and the negative periods of historical events but also about the beauty of the simple stories behind them and the way these events have unfolded themselves. Now when it comes to writing historical books and representing them in a fashion that will be true of their genesis is a difficult thing to achieve. However there are many literary creations by excellent scholars and historians that have contributed to an extraordinary level of archival inspiration.

It is important for a reader to be fascinated by the book and generate an eagerness that will make him or her drive towards the collection of more information about the subject. This is only possible in historical books because there is so many information available from antiquity that it becomes quite a task to find the most correct possible fact. Due to the vastness of the available information it is important to get in verified by experienced fact checkers. These criteria’s are important to the Cundill literature prize. A unique platform that recognizes the importance of powerful historical representation in books and the impact it has on the literary society.

Genesis and Contribution

  1.  Started in 2008 by Peter Cundill this prize is recognition of honor and appreciation for the contributions and achievements made by the authors and academicians. There is a specific time period within which the book needs to be published and it needs to be in English or any other language that has been translated to English.
  2. The prize money is of seventy five thousand US dollars by the University.
  3. Plus there are two separate ‘Recognition of Excellence’ prizes of ten thousand US dollars each.
  4. The winner for each year is decided by the five panel jury members who are experts in understanding the contribution of each individual.

A List of Prestigious Names

There is an advisory committee that includes the reputation of names such as Debbie Dankoff, Hudson Meadwell, Michael A. Meighen, William Straw, Christopher Sweeny, Ryerson Symons, and Kenneth Whyte. These elaborate board members are responsible for maintaining all that revolves around this prize. Along with them are the important five jury members who are Anthony Cary, David Frum, Chad Gaffield, Maya Jasanoff and Anna Porter.

Therefore when it comes to guiding the historical literary society and inspiring them with the contributions of the old and new authors and scholars, the Cundill prize is the perfect platform to get your talents recognized.