3 Ways You Can Contribute To Raising Kids with Emotional Intelligence

3 Ways You Can Contribute To Raising Kids with Emotional Intelligence

There are certain emotional needs of children. Parents and guardians should be well equipped to cater to these requirements. It is imperative for their growth and nurturing. What follows are the tips:

Relate With Your Kids On An Emotional Level

Kids are usually very perceptive and are quick to pick on things that go around them. If the parents are in bad relation and shouts/fights in front of their children, it is very likely that children will have anger management issues when they come off age.

It is, therefore, necessary and it is one of the most debated aspects that for healthy growth of the children, the parents, no matter how difficult the relation is between they must not lash out or disrespect each other in front of their children.

What happens is when they grow up, they will talk back and often find themselves frustrated. They tend to lose their way and their personalities are overshadowed by fear and hate. They cannot adapt to the normal life and will always seek to blame someone else for their failures.

Understand That Feeling Can Be Both Good And Bad

Saying to children that you shouldn’t be feeling this way is an easy way out. You kid will go through a number of emotions; some filled with anger, some moments of joy, some engulfed with fear while others will be pure fueled with disgust and sadness.

To say such a thing, as I stated in my topic sentence of above para, it is akin to being judgmental. Your kid is bound to experience all these emotions and this is what makes up life. You cannot keep them oblivious to reality by denying them these emotions instead you tell them and guide them on how to be in control of them.

Moreover, that it is ok to have these emotions. That is what makes us human. You can’t be happy all the time. Amidst pain to exhibit joy is insanity. As they grow they will have to deal with them. Do you want them to say “Mom, Dad, you didn’t prepare us for this!”?

Most Importantly, Are You In Control Of Your Feelings?

To say one thing and to portray the same thing through action, are two different things. You cannot say to tell your kids to be brave in the face of adversity whereas you yourself tend to crumble under pressure. Parents/guardian are role models to children whom they look up to. So, be the person who you want them to be.

Author Bio: Arabellaalice is an expert on kids’ education and runs a consultancy firm where he coaches parents on how to raise healthy and emotionally strong kids. He also writes to educate his online Dissertation Writing UK  . You can follow him for updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.