3 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Career In Healthcare

3 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Career In Healthcare

Making the decision to pursue your passion is a great feeling, but sometimes we make choices we aren’t 100% sure about. Pursuing a career in the healthcare industry takes the consideration of a few key points before diving into.

  • What is Your Motivation?

Motivation is important because doing anything for the wrong reason makes life harder in the long run. Perhaps, for example, a parent is pushing you to pursue a degree in the health field. It may be great that a loved one cares about your future, but you have to blaze your own trail and pick your career on your own terms.

Do you want to help people? This is a sure sign that the healthcare industry could be for you. Some students get the feeling that they want to help others. This leads many into the health profession because in some way, all of these positions are assisting people live their lives in good health.

The health industry is constantly developing with new clinics for specific health issues. Healthcare jobs usually pay well and are always in demand. This is a plus to entering the field, but choosing this job solely for financial reasons might be considered a red flag. Choosing a field solely for its potential income will eventually burn you out and you’ll grow to despise the work you are doing. When considering any career, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of why you want to enter the field in the first place.

  • Is It a Good Fit for Your Particular Skills?

Going into the medical field isn’t a cake walk. You have to have the study skills, drive, and ability to focus. Many health profession careers can take several years to complete. If you intend to go to nursing school or medical school, many programs require that grades are kept far above average. Of course, there are exceptions to this in some career paths within the medical field, but it is just about knowing your skill set and being honest with yourself. If you are passionate about something, anything can be done with the right training and motivation.

Something to also take into consideration is your tolerance for trauma or bodily functions. Some people love to work in clinics that help victims of certain illnesses or those who may not have the means to access expensive medical care. For example, there are programs that teach you facts about prostate cancer or any other specific conditions that need specialized treatment. There are even ways to pursue sexual harassment training for healthcare. Some providers have a connection to these causes, but many might be wary or overwhelmed when pursuing a vocational career in this field. It can be very rewarding for those who are passionate about such issues and about providing healthcare for those with trauma.

  • What are the Steps?

The steps vary for the different healthcare careers and are definitely something to look into before jumping into a program. Health careers can take anywhere from two to ten years to become certified, which is another factor to consider. Becoming a doctor has to be your passion to want to go to school for eight years or more! Some alternative healthcare positions that take less time to become certified for are a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner.

Public health is a possible field in the health industry and often allows specialization in populations and prevention. The role brings the opportunity to use strategy on a larger scale. Many people find roles in public health depending on what they are passionate about and narrow it down from there. Opportunities exist to work for non-profits when pursuing public health. Sexual harassment training for healthcare, either online or at clinics, are to be considered when looking at steps leading to pursuing a health career. Training could build a resume and get people involved in volunteer opportunities.

With all of this being said, there are so many choices when looking at the health industry and careers to pursue. Just be sure that healthcare is your passion and you are willing to put in the time, effort, and finances to make your dream become a reality.