2 Main Tips to Follow During Schoolies

2 Main Tips to Follow During Schoolies

Attending school can be a memorable and fun experience for youngsters. The theme may continue through university but the experience cannot be replicated at any other stage of life.

For many Australian teenagers enrolled in school across the country, Schoolies Week represents the highlight of their academic life.

Schoolies are three week long festivities where Year 12’s assemble at the Gold Coast and celebrate after graduation. Events start typically in November, which is the beginning of summer season in Australia. Students can also gather at alternate locations where the festival is also held.

Given that Schoolies runs for a few weeks and is a congregation of unsupervised youth, it is very important to follow tips so that any unfortunate incident does not happen.

Prepare Well

Before departing for Schoolies, it is advised that youngsters create a checklist of items they deem necessary at the festival.

While accommodation and travel may be planned beforehand, packing well is as significant. It is better to plan ahead rather than reach your destination and have regrets.

Given the exuberance of youth, kids may be occupied with what clothes to wear or what make-up to apply at Schoolies. However, other items are also important.

Having your itinerary is very important. You must also pack your documents, travel insurance and wristbands. If you feel the need, you may also carry snacks and ready to eat meals. It is also important that you take proper clothes, comfortable footwear and toiletries like your toothbrush and shampoo.

Stay Safe

It is vital that youngster exercise caution during the festival. It is good to enjoy but equally important to be safe also.

Purchasing travel insurance is a good place to start. A great idea is to consult experts like https://surething.com.au/ to know exactly how to plan your trip.

Once you’ve reached the destination and are immersed in the celebrations, you should be careful. Stay in the company of friends constantly and know what they are planning for the day.

Another strong suggestion is to keep an eye on the drinks you consume. Parties are fun but being too intoxicated can be dangerous, especially in another city. Try not to blend different beverages just to have fun.

Most importantly, buy your own booze and do not accept drinks from strangers under any circumstances whatsoever. This is valuable advice that you can share with your friends as well.

Given the occasion, kids will have a sense of adventure and will want to try new things. Still, you must not give in to peer pressure or do anything which makes you uncomfortable at all. Again, you should recommend that your friends follow suit.

On the whole, there are several incidents which tend to happen when Schoolies takes place. Kids must be aware that binge drinking or drunk driving; unprotected sex and even sexual assault are examples of how badly things can go wrong.

Therefore, before and during Schoolies, caution is strongly advised. It is much better to be secure than be sorry afterwards.