10 Productive Tools: How To Organize Your Digital Space

10 Productive Tools: How To Organize Your Digital Space

Just like the space you need to reorganize your thoughts when under pressure, adequate digital space makes your work much easier. We all know how tough it can be looking for a document in a heap of papers or trying to find a particular information perusing through hundreds of books that are carelessly arranged. It’s a nightmare. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that nowadays. Writing reviewing service TopAussieWriters has prepared a list of useful tools that help you improve your productivity. With hundreds of online and offline productive tools being created every year, it has never been easier. But do they all work? Well, every tool is worth a try. However, dealing with sensitive data, you need to be more cautious simply because you don’t want to lose anything important. Don’t sweat it. If you are having a hard time organizing your digital space, then these ten productive tools will undoubtedly work for you.

  1. Cloud storage: Safeguard your documents

Heaps of papers on your office desk or floor isn’t a good picture. They don’t just make your office look untidy, but also make it harder for you to find a document. Cloud Storage offers you enough space to store and manage all your important documents online so that you can access them whenever and wherever you need them.

  1. Dropbox: Store your videos, pictures and document

Large files such as videos, audios, PDFs are never safe on CDs and DVDs. If you don’t have a back-up somewhere, one scratch on a CD or a DVD can take it all. Dropbox offers you enough space to store larger documents such as videos, audios, PDFs or Even pictures so that you can access and use them later.

  1. Google Drive Store your videos documents

Another useful tool for organizing and managing large files is Google Drive. Just like Dropbox, Google Drive allows you to store large files safely so that you can access them at your own convenient time. What you need to do is sign up for an account and upload your files. They also offer you a chance to upgrade and get more space, if you need more.

  1. Business cards: Contact information

If you are lucky to come across a client who is interested in your services or products, it is wiser to let him or her know how to reach you. Unfortunately, not all of them have all the time to wait for you to give them directions. However, if you have a business card, it would be much easier. From you address to your telephone number, you can add every vital information needed by any client to reach you.

  1. EBook readers

If you like reading, then an eBook reader might save you a lot. Just like a library, it allows you to access read books you upload or access online without doing much. What you need to do, is download an eBook reader app on your phone.

  1. PayPal: Making payments and buying online

Despite the fact that they are convenient, carrying around your debit or credit cards all the time is a risk. Apart from getting lost, someone with your payment information can steal it. If you are fond of buying things from dealers with websites that accept PayPal, you don’t have to carry your cards anymore. Just sign up for a PayPal account and make your payments. Wherever you are using your phone or PC.

  1. To do list

to do list

If you work with aggressive clients, chances that you will miss out some things are high. You might forget to carry out some important tasks risking to damage your reputation. A To Do List reminds you of the tasks you are supposed to conduct within a given period. What you need to do is, list them on your To Do List App in your phone.

  1. Passbook

You can’t be certain that you’ll remember carrying your gift cards or loyalty card when you are going to use them. You can save yourself some trouble by moving such things to your phone. What you need is a Passbook App that works best to help you manage and access your cards whenever you need them.

  1. Cam scanner

Did you know that you can still get a clear scanned document using your phone and send it to whoever needs it? You don’t have to walk around with your documents looking for a place to scan them. You can simply download a cam scanner from the Android store via your phone, scan your certificate or any other important document and send it using your phone’s email app.

  1. Digital Library

We take more photos today than we did in the past. This is because we have more than enough smartphones with HD cameras that allow us to take pictures whenever and wherever we need them. But you can’t just do away with good memories. Luckily, there is a Digital Library App that allows you to scan your old photos, save it to Library and view them later.


We live in a digitalized era where speed and performance defines a successful business. You need your digital space organized so as to satisfy client’s needs, meet deadlines and most importantly grow your business. You can’t do any of these today with heaps of papers and books lying around your office. You need to organize your digital space properly, and the only way to do this is to take the advantage of what technology has to offer. Make your work easier than before by using the ten productive tools mentioned above.