10 Best Tips For Statistics Test Success

10 Best Tips For Statistics Test Success

Each specialty has such subjects that are very difficult to pass. What can you do if you need to take a test on statistics? The preparation for the test on statistics can seem frustrating. First, you have not to jump right in and start doing calculations. The development of a reasonable strategy is very important for passing your exam. This article may give you some tips how to be ready for the perfect performance during your test.

  1. Start preparation for your test exam as earlier as possible. Allocate and distribute your study time over several days. The exam is your D-Day and you cannot be completely ready for it with only one night of cramming. Statistics as many other subjects, requires the long-lasting knowledge.
  2. Collect the information about the coming test. How it will be organized? What kind of person is your tutor? Can you bring notes or textbooks with you?  Learn the game rules and think how to pass the test the best way.
  3. Take the list of questions from the tutor beforehand. Read this list of the main and additional literature. Select those textbooks where you can find general theoretical aspects. Examples of solving problems are also useful.
  4. Start studying the subject with simple questions and move on to more difficult ones. Remind brief summaries of basic formulas and notions. They are better to be remembered if you constantly repeat them.
  5. Use several types of learning and memorize definitions. Make sure you comprehend each part of the definition – it is important.  Be ready to apply the terms by giving examples and identifying them in our modern reality. Memorization is a basic technic, but it is just the beginning. During the test, you will need to show your competence in a variety of different ways.
  6. Work out as many problems as you can find in your textbooks, study guides, and even on the Internet. Take a look at this resource: https://preply.com/en/skype/statistics-tutors. Statistics problems always make sense when you consider them from the beginning to the end. Memorizing terms and formulas is not sufficient – you need to use them and practice.
  7. Meet other students and form a study group to test each other. Try to find interesting problems to solve and discuss. Play an active role even if you are in doubt. Learn from mistakes you already made. Remember the questions when you got wrong on quizzes or homework. Skip those questions in which you are perfect and work on the points where you feel uncertain.
  8. Perhaps, you will notice some algorithms of actions. Take notes about them. Try to make statistical observations, extract and regroup information, analyze the data collected, and represent this data in graphs and tables. Then, you will still need to calculate indicators, show the dynamics and so on.
  9. Take notes and write cheat sheets. In this way, you will better memorize all that and you may need them during the test. In addition, you will feel more confident. Use cheat sheets only in the most extreme case since you risk being noticed by the tutor.
  10. When you studied all material, get back to the list of questions. Rereading them, try to make a plan for each answer. If any of the issues cause difficulties, it will need to be repeated.

Finally, even if you are not prepared perfectly, try to sleep well in the night before the test. In the morning, drink some sweet coffee and eat a bit of chocolate. Too much food can reduce your mental activity, but you will surely need a light breakfast.

As a rule, various software and data processing packages are used to solve statistical tasks, such as MS Excel or SPSS. It is better to master one of them in advance. Often teachers allow using an educational literature or notes during tests. But this does not mean that you should not prepare for the exam since it is practically impossible to solve practical tasks on statistics without basic knowledge of this subject. Statistics is one of those sciences that cannot be simply crammed, it must be understood.

With proper preparation, you will get it. We wish you success in passing your test on statistics!