Top 5 Reasons to Choose Canada for Higher education

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Canada for Higher education

Despite of having many options to choose from, Canada is one of the most preferred countries among internationals who choose to study abroad. There has to be a strong reason why almost 9 out of 10 students admit that Canada is indeed the best place for those seeking higher education in an international country.

Mentioned below are the top 5 reasons to choose Canada over other international countries for higher education. 

  1. Education and Scholarships

Canada attracts more than 1000 students each year simply because it provides the best educational benefits for international students. It provides a world-class education that’s globally recognized. Also. acquiring a degree from a Canadian university is equivalent to that of USA, Australia and other European countries. The high academic standard of education that they’ve set ensures that each student graduates with flying colors. Canada also guarantees value for education through their affordable fee structure. So Study in USA or Study in Canada, the outcome or result would be equivalent.

  1. Campus Lifestyle

Apart from studying, completing assignments and attending daily lectures what makes a students campus lifestyle in Canada more happening and lively are their cultural events. Every university organizes, cultural events and parties wherein students can mingle with each other, know each other well and hopefully find new friends.

Studies can get a bit hectic at times, so this is a stress reliever. In a country away from home, this is a necessity that every student needs at some point of the other.

  1. Engulf in its Beauty

Students can not only gain a better education here but also feast on some of the breathtaking, natural beauties that this country is blessed with. This is probably one of the reasons why you’d find many international tourists flock their way to Canada and wish to settle there for good. The benefit of being a Canadian student rather than a tourist or solo traveler is that you get enough time to explore this beautiful country completely. A well-planned schedule would do the job for you. Canada does hold a few colleges and universities along on the coastlines of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, which is indeed listed in the “must visit list” of many students. So, if you are wondering why study in canada over other countries. The above reason will surely answer most of your query.

  1. Immigration

A work permit is given to every student holding a valid study visa. This permit allows students to work there for two years after graduation. On completing a year, students can go ahead and apply for permanent residency and why not? It will give you a better lifestyle and help you earn back every penny you’ve put into getting there. If you’re going through study visa consultants, it is his/her responsibility to inform you about.

  1. Affordable

Other than providing affordable education, Canada on an overall basis is very accessible. When you compare the cost of living there to any other country you’d notice a vast difference. A research states that the cost of living in Canada is 3.09% lower than that of the United States Of America

These are just 5 of the 1000 reasons why Canada ranks as one the best higher education destinations among students but each of the above-mentioned features are strong and valid enough for you to make a take a sound decision.