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Rep. Maureen Stapleton

Rep. Maureen Stapleton has spent most of her adult life working to help children. She spent six years as a teacher in the Detroit School System and six more years in Detroit’s Youth Department. Since being elected to the State House in 2010, Rep. Stapleton has been a strong proponent for reforming Michigan’s schools. Her leadership has been crucial to the passage of legislation to elevate the teaching profession by assuring all teachers are treated fairly regardless of seniority, while also seeking to ensure every child in Michigan is assigned a high quality teacher.

  • Rep. Stapleton voted for House Bill 4627, which abolish the regressive seniority-based layoff policies that hurt students and effective teachers.
  • Rep. Stapleton voted for House Bill 4625, which requires meaningful evaluations for teachers to ensure they have the feedback and resources to be successful.

Website: http://www.stapleton4staterep.com/
Donate: http://www.stapleton4staterep.com/how-you-can-help.html