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Rep. Aric Nesbitt

Rep. Aric Nesbitt has served House District 80 since 2011 and is now running for re-election in House District 66. He is a member of the House Education Committee and has been a reliable supporter of education reform in the Michigan House. During his tenure, Rep. Nesbitt has taken critical votes to allow schools to save great teachers in times of layoffs, and make sure parents have more educational options for their children.

Key Votes:

  • HB 4625, amends the tenure act so great teachers are protected and creates a meaningful evaluation system that gives educators important feedback based on classroom observations and students outcomes.
  • HB 4626, improves tenure by ensuring good teachers are protected under the tenure act and provides important due process rights for all educators.
  • HB 4627, which helps to ensure every child in Michigan has access to a high quality teacher by requiring that layoffs be based on educator effectiveness and their impact on students, rather than arbitrary factors.
  • HB 4628, takes the politics out of personnel decisions, by requiring district to implement, fair and transparent personnel policies, while also ensuring teachers have due process protections.
  • SB 618, Supported creating quality schools options, to ensure every child in Michigan has access to a great school regardless of where they live.