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Rep. Andrea LaFontaine

Rep. Andrea LaFontaine has brought a fresh perspective and energetic voice to the state House in her first term. Rep. Lafontaine has been a strong supporter of innovation in public education and her support of education reform in the State House has been crucial to improving our schools. Rep. Lafontaine supported legislation that retains teachers based on effectiveness rather than seniority. Furthermore, she voted to expand educational options in Michigan by giving parents and students access to quality education options like charter schools.

  • Voted for House Bill 4627, which ensures that all teachers are treated fairly regardless of seniority.
  • Voted for Senate Bill 618, which will help to provide students in Michigan access to a quality school option regardless of where they live.
  • Voted for House Bill 4625, which gives teachers the tools they need to be successful by implementing meaningful evaluations based on student performance and classroom observations.

Website: http://votelafontaine.com/